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Aviation Expert Services was founded by David Botich in 2004 to leverage a lifetime of professional experience and deliver an uncompromising level of service to the legal sector in aviation related matters.


David Botich has over 35 years of experience working in the aviation field including Flight Operations, Maintenance, Manufacturing, and Management.


David's extensive hands-on experience as a professional ATP pilot, Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic, Inspection Authorization maintenance certificate holder, Chief Inspector and Engineering Manager under a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA), along with a diversified managerial background, forms the foundation of his expertise in all matters of the aviation industry.



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His extensive, diversified background in aviation has given him the foundation of a broad knowledge base affording him the necessary skills to efficiently research and compile supporting documentation in regard to legal cases requiring expert opinion.


His 35+ years working in the aviation profession has included the following positions:


Flight operations under FAR Part 91, 135, 133 and 121 as Pilot in Command, Chief Pilot, Training Captain, Director of Operations and General Manager in both fixed and rotary wing (helicopter) aircraft.


Maintenance and Repair under Part 43, 91, 135 and 145 Repair Station as Mechanic, Director of Maintenance, and Chief Inspector in both fixed and rotary wing (helicopter) aircraft.


Manufacturing approved aircraft parts as a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) under Part 21 as President, Chief Inspector and Engineering Manager.


Consultant for documentation preparation for FAR regulatory compliance including Letters of Compliance (LOC), Part 135 Certificate Issuance, Operations Manuals, Training Manuals, Repair Station Manuals, etc.


Consultant for the legal sector including opinion letters and forensic reports.

Expert Witness in aviation legal cases including testifying in court and depositions.


Consultant to locate, research, inspect, recommend and procure King Air B200 aircraft.

Consultant for an extensive maintenance manual rewire for a large charter operator operating Gulfstream G4 and G5 jet aircraft.




“Mr. Botich provided invaluable expert testimony in a complex product liability case that I defended on behalf of the FAA certified Repair Station which had overhauled a TCM engine for use in a Cessna 206 and which had sold that engine to a local air taxi. The engine suffered a catastrophic crankshaft failure in flight and the primary issue for the jury to determine was whether that engine was airworthy or defective at the time of its sale to the air taxi, or whether poor maintenance led to that engine failure. Mr. Botich provided clear and compelling testimony regarding the cause of the engine failure, the documentary evidence supporting the conclusion that my client properly assembled, tested and inspected the engine prior to its sale, and regarding what turned out to have been the entirely false and unsupported allegations made against my client made by a third-party. The case was very challenging on many fronts, and the hard work, careful analysis, and trial testimony provided by Mr. Botich was essential to our most successful outcome -- a unanimous jury verdict vindicating our client against all of plaintiffs' allegations and claims. It was a pleasure working with Mr. Botich.”


Gary A. Zipkin


Law Offices of Guess & Rudd P.C.

Anchorage, AK


“David Botich is a true professional. Hired as a defense expert witness for our case, he is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve ever met in the aviation field. With an extensive amount of experience in maintenance and flying – both piston and turbine engine aircraft – as well as his broad understanding of FAA practices and the FAR’s this made him the best candidate to offer intelligent, detailed, and impartial opinions. He had the resources, the excitement, and the initiative to thoroughly answer any and all questions we threw his way. His testimony in the trial of our case was instrumental in us obtaining a positive outcome. Not to mention, he was a pleasure to work with. Thanks David!”


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